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Who can enter?

Must be an independent songwriter to enter - with less than $10,000 in combined album sales and streaming revenue in your career.

Enter up to 10 songs. Each song requires an entry fee. All songs are heard and critiqued by the judge of your genre - we don't use song screeners like the "big contests."

What are contestants saying?

“I learned more from the critiques than I ever have - from ANY source.
They were detailed, specific and extremely well articulated.”
~Tim Wenzel

"The site was user-friendly and communications were seamless."

~Michaela Pixie Mahtani

"I'm totally thrilled to have my songs validated by your lovely judges, and loved being a part of your contest."

~ Katie Hardyman

You have entry options :



- Numerical scoring

What's numerical scoring? Judges score various qualities of each song (composition, melody, lyrics, etc.), and you will receive the scoring details after the contest.


- Numerical scoring
- Plus: Detailed written critique with constructive feedback.

"Plus Plus"


- Numerical scoring

- Plus: Detailed written critique with constructive feedback on each scoring area.

- Plus: 30 min Coaching Call (post-contest) with the Judge of your genre.
This is the most in-depth and personalized feedback option you will find in any songwriting contest.

Lyrics Only:

Enter song lyrics to be critiqued and a chance to win (Prizes awarded for 1st - 3rd place).

With the "Plus" option you will receive in-depth written critique and feedback on the lyrics you enter.

What our Judges critique (you receive a score and written feedback for each area below):

- Originality (Does the lyric feature a unique "big idea," conveyed in a fresh way?)

- Song Structure (Is there a clear overall form to the lyric that will "marry up" well to a powerful, unified composition?)

- Imagery, Metaphor, Symbolism, Alliteration, Rhyme, etc. (Are the lyric's literary devices used effectively to create a strong emotional impact?)

- Hook(s) or Catchiness (Are there aspects of this lyric that will draw in and stick with listeners?)

- Singability (Level of which you think these lyrics can move beyond the written page and be sung or vocalized in a recorded/performed song).

- Overall Impact and "Wow-Factor"