Contest Rounds and Dates

Note: For the 2023 Contest we were initially going to include a "Finalists" announcement in September, but we are now using our usual timeline of all Winners and Honorable Mentions announced at the conclusion of the judging cycle (see dates below).

Contest Dates:

May 16, 2023: Open for Entry

August 19, 2023: Final Deadline to enter

October 16, 2023: Winners Announced

October 24, 2023: All Entrants notified (song results will be emailed to you directly)

New in 2023: Indie Song of the Year!

Enter a new category called "Indie Song of The Year"

This is an "all-genre" category. Any song from any genre, including genres beyond our usual.

What ever you have, we'd love to hear it:  Rock, Folk, Acoustic, Americana, Country, Pop, Hip-Hop/Rap, Christian, Soundtrack, Jazz, World Music, Study Beats, Electronic, Dance, Heavy Metal, Soul, etc.

We may not be the definitive experts of your genre or sound - but we know a universally great song when we hear it! 

  • Prizes, Honor

    Compete against songwriters from around the world for the chance to win prizes and recognition for your talent and creativity.

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  • Feedback

    Get valuable written feedback from seasoned professional songwriters and songwriting coaches to take your craft and career to the next level.

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  • Promotion

    All entrants and winners receive tools, resources, opportunities to get their songs and talent more exposure. Marketing courses, playlist placements, social media and blog articles.

What are contestants saying?

“I learned more from the critiques than I ever have - from ANY source. They were detailed, specific and extremely well articulated.”
~Tim Wenzel

"The site was user-friendly and communications were seamless." ~Michaela Pixie Mahtani

"I'm totally thrilled to have my songs validated by your lovely judges, and loved being a part of your contest." ~ Katie Hardyman


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